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Be a registered nurse in Australia

Entry Requirements

Here are some of the requirements in securing student visa. Alternatively, you can contact our education consultants for worry free process. 
  • A valid passport for the duration of your study in Australia.
  • offer letter from the selected university/institution.
  • IELTS score 7 overall and no score below 7  in each of the component; or PTE score 65 or OET score B 
  • At least 1 year of paid or unpaid experience within the last five (5) years. * 
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover 
  • All other relevant documents listed on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection visa checklists. (
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Providing Courses


The entry program for internationally qualified nurses (EPIQ) is a Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) approved pathway for internationally qualified nurses to achieve the sufficient level of practice against the Australian standards for practice.

Participants must be referred to this course by the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA)

Important pre-enrolment information from the NMBA is available here(


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Technology Services

Overseas nurses having different backgrounds and practice are prepared thoroughly to be integrated into the Australian workforce via Bridging Program for Nurses or popularly known as IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses). The program helps build confidence and increases the employability of overseas nurses.

Additionally, Registered nurses and other sectors of nursing occupations are consistently listed in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL), which shows the need for more medical practitioners such as nurses in Australia.

Nurses cover a wide range of settings, from hospitals, private clinics, rural/community centres, to schools, prisons, rehabilitation centres and the likes. There are opportunities for nurses to explore other field such as in Aged Care, Education, Neonatal Care and Community Health.

  Here are some of the requirements in securing enrollment. Alternatively, you can contact our education consultants for worry free process.
•A valid passport for the duration of your study in Australia
•Evidence of access to sufficient funds
•All other relevant documents listed on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection visa checklists
•The original or a certified copy of the AHPRA referral letter. Ensure that the period of the referral letter covers the 11 weeks of the course plus an additional 4-6 weeks for completion of documentation and recommendation to AHPRA for registration.
•IELTS score 7 overall and no score below 7 in each of the component; or PTE score 65 or OET score B
•A valid Australian federal police (AFP) criminal record check (CRC) or a CRC from a recognised accredited broker
•Offer letter from the selected College/Institution
•At least 1 year of paid or unpaid experience within the last five (5) years.
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The course, also known as IRON or Bridging program, is accessible to all overseas 
Qualified Nurses wishing to nurse in Australia who have been recommended by the 
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for eligibility.  
The aim of this course is to assist overseas Qualified Nurses to embrace the knowledge 
and skills required to work as a Registered Nurse in Australia and provide support in the 
transition from nursing in their country of origin to nursing in Australia. The entry 
program for internationally qualified nurses (EPIQ) is a Nursing and Midwifery Board of 
Australia (NMBA) approved pathway for internationally qualified nurses to achieve the 
sufficient level of practice against the Australian standards for practice.  


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